Saturday, May 2, 2009

Marilyn Monroe was a NOT a dumb blond bimbo.

She was a savvy business woman. Fox, the movie studio she had a contract with was forcing her to do stupid, low level films that she hated. Marilyn Monroe broke her contract and fled Hollywood to study acting with Lee Strasberg at the Actors Studio in New York. She set up her own production company, Marilyn Monroe Productions. She was such a huge box office draw, Fox agreed to her terms, giving Marilyn Monroe approval of the director as well as the option to act in other studios' projects. The first film under the new contract was Bus Stop, for which she received critical acclaim and was nominated for a Golden Globe.

Friday, May 1, 2009

What a response!

Wow! Thanks to the newspaper story and word of mouth - I now have more than 280 women interested in becoming a Marilyn for me! I'm so very thankful!

I'm glad this project is inspiring others to show off their sexy side. I can't wait to get started!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Did you know??

In 1999, Marilyn was named the Number One Sex Star of the 20th Century by Playboy magazine. Back in December 1953, she was the first Playboy “Sweetheart” of the Month, later renamed Playmate of the Month. In 1947 Marilyn Monroe did a nude photoshoot and in 1953 the rights to the photos were purchased for $500 by Hugh Hefner for his first edition of Playboy.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

The article

On May 1, Terri Jean, an activist and photographer with a studio in Nelsonville, will begin a year-long project celebrating the beauty in all women as it challenges the “ideal” size-2 Hollywood star image.

Jean said her project, “Marilyn Monroe and Me: an exhibit celebrating the eternal goddess within every woman,” will recreate 84 iconic photos of Monroe using “real women with real bodies, of all ages, nationalities, sizes and personal styles.” The exhibit will open on June 1, 2010, Monroe’s 84th birthday.

“Marilyn Monroe is the epitome of beauty and sexuality,” Jean said. “My goal (is) to show that every woman, no matter who they are, has that beauty and sexuality inside them. I believe, in this time of super-thin actresses and multi-million-dollar diet industries, it’s important for women to feel good in their own skin and to be proud of the individuality, their bodies and their style. (The project) is open to all women, from 18 to 84, from 0 to 28-plus, from bald to dreadlocked and so forth.”

The 84 photos will be included in the exhibit, along with a collage mosaic created by Jean that merges the 84 photos to represent one Monroe photo.

The project has been in the planning stages for several months and Jean has recruited some models, but she still needs area women to participate. Most of the women volunteering so far are younger women, so she’s especially encouraging older women to participate. Each participant will receive a makeover, a free Marilyn-inspired photo shoot and a print of their photo.

“I want to illustrate that every woman is sexy and beautiful, and all women should embrace what makes them unique.” She said.

She said Monroe was voted the Sexiest Woman of the Century by People magazine, ranked eighth in Empire Magazine’s Top 100 Movie Stars of All Time and was voted fourth Greatest Movie Star of All Time by Entertainment Weekly.

“But if she were a Hollywood starlet today, she would be labeled ‘plus size’ by today’s standards,” she said. Beyonce and Jennifer Love Hewitt have been called overweight, but both are healthy and beautiful and closer to the average American woman’s size.”

In 2008, Jean launched the precursor of the Marilyn and Me Project, The Eye Candy Girls Project. It’s a retro pinup model troupe with the motto, “Every woman should feel delicious.” The troupe appears at local events such as Boogie on the Bricks, and is planning new ventures, such as candy-grams and singing telegrams.

Jean’s goal for both projects is to promote positive body images and self-acceptance with classic pinup shots.
She said, like most of Monroe’s photos, the Marilyn and Me photos won’t be risqué.

“Most of Marilyn Monroe’s photos were fully clothed,” she said. “Most showed her doing regular things, like reading a book, singing, reading a script. Only a few were risqué.”

As a way to reassure potential models that there will be no X-rated posing, Jean said she has a 6-year-old son and she wants him to be able to see the exhibit.

A self-taught photographer, Jean discovered she has a unique ability to bring out the beauty of her subjects. She specializes in “Old Hollywood” glamor, pinup and band photography.

“I can make everyone look good for themselves,” she said. “It’s easy for me. I can find the beauty in anyone.”

The Marilyn and Me project is especially important to Jean, she said, because she overcame bulimia.
I don’t require any of my models to be super-thin because I know what it is like to starve yourself,” she said. 

“It’s important to me. I work with lots of young girls, and I would never want them to all look the same.  Plus-size, boyish, petite – none of that matters to me. I want them to be happy in their own skin.”

She’s in the process of moving her studio from Athens to Nelsonville. Her new studio, The Sul Galleria, is on the Nelsonville Public Square and has 4,800 square feet of space. She has many plans for the space and is offering rental space to female artists and photographers. An open house will be held from noon to 6pm May 1.

“I want to share this wonderful space,” she said. “I want to surround myself with other artists. I want to invite people to have fun with me, and turn this into a community of artists. The first year I want to share it with other female artists. Eventually, I’ll open it to men.”

Jean said she hopes many area women will consider joining the Marilyn and Me Project.

This is a huge adventure for me, and I want to pull in as many woman as I can,” she said. “Come on. Enjoy the ride.”

This is not a photo of myself, by the way. This is a photo I did for a local pizza place - with my Eye Candy models and my little granddaughter. But thanks for the compliment!

For details send an email to

The project made front page news!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Marilyn's makeup

Marilyn pulling on her own makeup (which she was VERY good at) and a collection of just some of Marilyn's makeup.

Marilyn's Beauty Secrets

Here are a few of Marilyn's supposed beauty secrets...

1. Sometimes she smeared vaseline, cold cream and/or hormone cream all over her face.

2. She once told a photographer that she always used Nivea Skin Moisturizing Lotion.

3. It's been said she would sometimes take ice baths - in which Chanel No. 5 was added.

4. When she was without makeup, she applied olive oil and/or lanolin to her face (as a protective agent).

5. She would rinse her face up to 15 times after washing.

6. She always wore false eyelashes. Just half of a full-fake lash was worn on the outside of her lashline. Generally, the whole fake lash can tend to look unnatural, so when you cut it in half and just place it on the outside of the eye it won't overshadow the whole eye.

7. Marilyn knew how to use makeup to enhance her beauty. She used makeup as a tool - using blush techniques to shorten her nose and eye liner to make her eyes doe like.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hollywood loves Marilyn

More recreations by many top Hollywood celebrities. Love them all!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Interested in the project?

 I'm currently collecting hundreds... maybe thousands... of photos of Marilyn Monroe and putting them into collages - which then goes into a binder. All Marilyn models can look through the binders, once completed, and pick the pose they want to help me recreate. With all of those pictures.... there's something inside for everyone!

Lindsay Lohan's inspired shoot

This is Lindsay Lohan's Marilyn-inspired photoshoot. I really liked it... though I don't want to go all the way with hair and makeup. I want my Marilyn's to express themselves with their own style and beauty. But I do love the photos and feel that Lohan did a great job.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Working on a new project entitled Marilyn & Me

So I was thinking the other day that if Marilyn Monroe were alive and, say, at the height of her career... she would be considered a plus size or "curvy" actress by today's standards. I pondered this for a while, knowing that Marilyn's size supposedly started around our size 8 or so but at times was a 14.

Now... if this were true, and the average American woman is a size 14, then what's all the hubbub about with women being over a size 14 - and models that size being plus-sized (and just now getting a little more accepted by American designers and media).

And that thought gave birth to another thought...

What if I were to turn 84 women (because of Marilyn's 84th upcoming birthday) of all ages - but most between 18 and 84 - into Marilyn? And to celebrate the beauty in all women, I wouldn't put them in wigs and special effects makeup... rather I'd photograph them as themselves - but only try to recreate the setting in which the photo was taken. Therefore, putting the women INTO Marilyn's place... if even just for a little while.

Because of this I could prove that all women have a little sexy goddess in them - namely Marilyn Monroe.

So I'm sketching out the details, but I'd like to have it done for Marilyn's birthday month next June.

Now I just need a butt-load of participants to help me out.

Wish me luck!